Kitchen Takeover - Kids Cook for Parents

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We had so much fun cooking with Tristan & Micah! It can be a little intimidating cooking for parents when one of them is an awesome Chef - Chef Darren Brown. Chef Darren was great, he stayed out of the kitchen (for the most part) except when he would swoop in & give us a few pointers & then he would quickly depart. Skylar ate up those pointers & led the troops through a tasty menu. 

Sea Urchin (aka Uni); (aka Gonads) - yah you heard me… gross right? Some say its a delicacy & I say it's good to #knowwhatyouareeating ! :)

Mackrel -Wrapped in Bacon - because well everything is Better with Bacon

Kids Can Cook Gourmet - Mackrel

Breaking down the duck was easy with his awesome Wüsthof Knives

 Kids Can Cook Gourmet - Breaking down a Duck 

Tristan Plating #delish Level Ground Aromatic Rice & up next is an awesome pear chutney...

Kids Can Cook Gourmet - Plating the Duck

& for dessert we made S'mores - with homemade marshmallows, shortbread cookies & drizzled with chocolate ganache 

Kids Can Cook Gourmet - Cookies

What a fun night! @chefdbrown thanks for letting us kids Takeover your Kitchen!

Micah Chopping - Kids Can Cook Gourmet



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