Skylar & his @WUSTHOFCanada #knives head to the #ChoppedCanada Kitchen

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My Journey to the Chopped Kitchen by @skylarsinow @kidsccg    

Back in February my good buddy Vikram Vij @EatDrinkVijs told us that Chopped Canada was looking for Teens to compete in their first ever Chopped Canada Teen Tournament. It was such a super exciting fun ride getting to the Chopped Kitchen - there was applications & interviews & pictures to be sent & then waiting, will I get  picked or won’t I.  There’s doubt, am I good enough? I know I have the passion - it was a bit of a roller coaster. Once I heard that I had been selected there was lots & lots of practicing against the clock. Lots of kitchen cleanup, lots of great meals & of course a few fails. 

Skylar Cooking Vikram Vij #masala

I have had some awesome mentors along the way as I prepped for competition. Chef Darren Brown @chefdarrenbrown was one of them. He came to my kitchen armed with duck,  pork & beef & we got down to learning about how to break down these different proteins, how to do this with little waste and also against the clock. My WÜSTHOF Knives got a great workout!  He had so many great tips & so many great kitchen war stories.  When Chef D left, he also left A Lot of meat to practice with. We had it for breakfast, lunch & dinner - sharing the #testkitchen recipes with friends. 

Skylar Cooking with Chef Darren Brown Skylar Cooking with Chef Darren Brown Skylar Cooking with Chef Darren Brown

On another day the focus was things from the sea. We met at Granville Island & he introduced me to some of his favorite places to go in the market & how to choose the best seafood - such an amazing cool experience. After the shopping it was back to our kitchen to learn about deboning fish, shucking oysters, & cooking crab. We spent hours together and I am very grateful for his mentoring. 

 Granville Island Fish with Chef Darren Brown Chef Darren - Tilapia

Chef Darren Brown - Crab  

It’s often said to get started in the kitchen all you really need is 3 knives, a good chef knife, a pairing knife & a serrated bread knife. During these sessions with Chef D I learned how to properly use all my other knives & I continue to practice & attempt to perfect at every opportunity.

During this journey of preparing for the Chopped Kitchen I also got some hands on instruction on making a mean #Masala from my mentor Vikram Vij. Learning to combine indian spices from Vikram is like art you can eat. #delicious art.

Skylar cooking with Chef Vikram Vij Skylar & Chef Vikram Vij at #cookforthecure

I had a lot of fun & support prepping for this competition & the outcome is with every meal I cook I get a little bit better & you can to - KIDS GET IN THE KITCHEN. Learn where you food comes from & how to prepare it. You will be healthier, you will have fun & you will learn cool stuff.

Having fun in the kitchen & working on creating yummy food is one thing, but racing against the clock is quite another.

Heading to Toronto. So the big day is almost here & I head to Toronto with my mom - it’s fun we tour the city on bikes, visit the market & eat lots of yummy food. 

Flying to Toronto #WestJet

   Toronto Biking

The day of the competition I’m excited but nervous, I’m prepared, I have my knives, I think I have a game plan

Skylar & Emilia on the way to the #ChoppedCanada kitchen

Let’s go!

Link to Chopped Canada Teen Tournament - In a Deep Fried Pickle


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