Our interview with the awesome people at Healthy Family Expo #HFEsmallsteps

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Recently we did an interview with the awesome people at Healthy Family Expo & we thought we'd share it here:

My Small Steps: Kids Can Cook Gourmet duo Skylar & Chloe

My Small Steps is our interview series where we have a chance to chat with some well known locals who share the same passions as the Expo: Healthy, Active & Eco-Friendly living. We can all learn from each other when it comes to the small steps and simple solutions that make it easier.

We were thrilled to be able to speak to the inspiring  brother & sister duo behind Kids Can Cook Gourmet. Skylar & Chloe are amazingly passionate about food. We are as impressed & amazed by them as the panel on CBC’s The Dragon’s Den, and we look forward to having families sample their delicious creations at the Expo coming up on March 6th!


First, tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m Skylar & I’m 13 years old. I love to cook & experiment in the kitchen. I also love gardening & learning about where my food comes from & how it’s produced.

I’m Chloe & I’m 11 years old. I love the marketing & business side of things, but I’m also passionate about sustainable living, farm to table & fashion. I believe in learning about the foods you put into your body. I believe strongly in both practicing daily gratitude & giving back in whatever ways that I can. For as long as I can remember I have always liked learning about business & helping my parents with ideas for marketing their business & now our own. I love to sit down & work on business plans with my dad & see how fun it is when they start to come together.


My Small Steps: Kids Can Cook Gourmet duo Skylar & Chloe

When did you first discover that healthy, active and/or eco-friendly living was important to you?

We have always loved food & helping our mom cook, but our passion was really sparked during our year of alternate schooling. We traveled around Europe in an RV for a year and explored all the fresh markets. During this year as part of my daily writing (Skylar) I started writing recipes, which has developed into our cookbook that we are working hard to get published, and I (Chloe) wrote the introduction & various foodie blogs and was the official taste tester. This was such a great way to really learn about the different foods around Europe & how passionate the locals are about fresh & in-season foods.


How do you manage to stick to a healthy, active and/or eco-friendly lifestyle? What are some of the challenges?

Skylar: I try to ride my bike to school everyday & I also use something called a Weekly Rhythm Register that helps me stick to my goals & track what we want to get done.

Chloe: I think small daily steps is the key to a healthy lifestyle.


What is the latest health, fitness and/or eco-living product or trend that you really like?

A mantra in our family is “what is easy to do, is also easy not to do.” We also believe in tracking and writing down what we want to accomplish / our goals. Also, cooking your food & having fun in the kitchen! When you cook your food you know exactly what goes into it and the more you cook the more you learn about what great, fresh, in-season ingredients go well together. It’s like science you can eat.


Where do you get your inspiration for healthier living? 

Non GMO! Knowing where food comes from, eating local & in season and Farm to Table. CSA – Community Supported Agriculture Programs that help support local urban farms & also hotels & restaurants that use their roof tops for gardens & bee keeping. We also love programs in schools like Project Chef that get kids cooking & thinking about where food comes from.


What advice or tips have you found really help you & may help other busy families? 

We love modernfarmer.com & also the magazine. Our garden and learning about how to look after it and make it thrive leads us to many great websites. Cooking with local chefs that believe in local & farm to table like Chef Trevor Bird from Fable & Chef Darren Brown with Village Farms. And our parents for encouraging us to get daily exercise.

Kids Can Cook Gourmet is dedicated to helping kids find their inner chef. Through their websitefacebook page, @kidsccg (twitter) and kidsccg (instagram) and their upcoming cookbook they will share with you hundred’s of different ways you can “play” with your food with gourmet results and your parents are even likely to encourage it!



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